Sevruga Restaurant Waterfront


When I first walked into Sevruga, I was taken by the subtle elegance and class without pretense. The glass wine rack fridges that double up as a wall, to the plush comfortable chairs that promise a long relaxed evening with the possibility of a delicious meal…

Sevruga Restaurant Waterfront
One’s dining experience should always start off with a wow….
The restaurant energy and the staff that meet greet and seat you… this is the set up… It sets the tone for the evening and sets a high standard for the rest of the team to maintain.

We have taken the time to redesign the menu layout. The first thing you see is my personal forever favourite starter… Spicy Peanut Calamari… This picture is beautiful and should get your mouth-watering…


Sevruga Restaurant Waterfront

The food we serve at Sevruga has been developed with care.
Quality, flavour, texture and colour are the 4 important principles we use when developing a menu. Keeping things simple and doing our best to enhance the natural flavour of what we are cooking is essential. True food with integrity. I call garnish Love… every plate that leaves the kitchen has special love added to it. The finer details seals each dish.

Sevruga Restaurant Waterfront
My suppliers are vital to the smooth running of the kitchen. Developing good relations goes a long way to cementing consistently good product and help when things get crazy.
Season is the time my suppliers become an integral part of the glue that keeps things running smoothly.

Then there are the gems in the kitchen……I have wonderful staff to work with on a daily basis. My right hand man Victor, and team leaders Loyal and Glen, help keep things ticking over and motivate the staff to push on during a busy service. Company policy is to promote from with in, with determination and energy. Scullery staff become Chefs… Anything is possible at Sevruga.

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