CHEF RIKKU Ó’DONNCHÜ – Conceptual Chef

From Nottingham’s Sat Bains restaurant, prodigy Rikku O’ Donnchu gives Sevruga a new twist. Redefine your palate, as gastronomic artistry is sweeping our local shores; and trust us,  we are not afraid to roll-up our sleeves and sink our teeth into this incredible culinary trend.

This is exactly why we’ve collaborated with the Michelin star chef. As being a pioneer to this exact trend, we felt it was our duty and honor to get him on board.

We asked Chef Rikku what inspired him to become a chef. After being told that he was “made to do this”, the die was cast. At the age of only 15, working as a simple prep boy was merely a catalyst for an eventual destiny, which would come to fruition years later. “I was hooked” he recalls. “Being in that environment felt natural. I was passionate, insanely passionate”. And that’s exactly what we needed, not the kind of passion that you develop, but the kind that you are born with.

And as they say, the rest is history. Chef Rikku’s career thus far spans over 17 years. He has worked with some of the world’s most formidable chef’s, such as Marco Pierre White, Hans Valamaki, and Thomas Keller. Some of his best work has been featured in the “Great British Cookbook”, however, he is best known for starring in “MasterChef UK: The Professionals” 2016.
Not only will we be launching our new menu early next month, Sevruga will also be hosting Rikku’s new signature event, “Chef’s Table”, where he will be preparing a 5-course meal, using only one ingredient.


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Written by: Michelle De Oliveira


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